Keeping Your Guests Safe at Events


How to Make a Venue Secure?

Here at Lilley & Gillie, we’re entertainment specialists and have all the information you need when it comes to planning, running or enjoying an event.

Although the main focus of an event, whether it’s a day at the races or wine tasting, is to have fun, there are some other aspects you’ll have to think about when organising or hosting an event.

We take a look at just a couple of ways you can keep your guests safe and secure throughout the event and within a venue. Let’s get started!

Keeping The Venue Secure

Hosting and planning events requires a lot of work and organisation. From catering to entertainment, you’ll be spending a lot of your time making these types of arrangements.

Another aspect you’ll need to think about is the security of a venue.

You’ll want to let your guests focus on enjoying themselves rather than thinking about their own safety.

You could consider hiring security depending on the event or looking at different CCTV camera types that will monitor the venue throughout the evening.

Knowing Who is Coming

Invites are an absolute must. You’ll need to make sure prospective guests get back to you as soon as possible so you’re aware of how many people you should be expecting to attend the venue and event.

Keeping track of attendance lets you know how many people are coming, thinking of safety aspects and planning for the attendance accordingly.

You should consider using a guest list management system that can let you track your RSVPs and guest list.