Christmas In Cairo Warwickshire – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie Christmas In Cairo Warwickshire – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie

Christmas In Cairo Warwickshire

Wednesday 06 December 2006 – Saturday 23 December 2006

Information and prices

As guests first enter, the exciting sounds and smells of the
exotic East assault their senses. The scents of smoking incense
mingles with rich spices to transport them to a foreign land.

At the centre of the room a large partially veiled platform
rises up to create a Harem. It’s covered with a canopy of rich
silken fabric, which is tied back at the sides to reveal several
oiled bodies lolling on large cushions in luxuriant decadence.

The inhabitants of the harem are dressed in heavy, opulent
materials covered with glittering stones and jewels and as they
recline in their luxurious surroundings, they smoke hookah pipes
while lazily fanning themselves with giant palm leaves. From time
to time, roving entertainers visit the Harem dwellers to amuse them
with feats of acrobatics, belly dancing and fire eating.

Date Cost per person
6th December 2006 £50 + VAT
7th December 2006 £52 + VAT
8th December 2006 £63 + VAT
9th December 2006 £63 + VAT
12th December 2006 £50 + VAT
13th December 2006 £53 + VAT
14th December 2006 £56 + VAT
15th December 2006 £63 + VAT
16th December 2006 £63 + VAT
18th December 2006 £50 + VAT
19th December 2006 £53 + VAT
20th December 2006 £53 + VAT
21st December 2006 £58 + VAT
22nd December 2006 £62 + VAT
23rd December 2006 £62 + VAT


Minimum numbers of 8 are required

Package options

Shared party package to include entertainment, theming and a
four course dinner.

Package contents

  • Table within shared party facility
  • Sword Swallower and Illusionist
  • Spectacular Egyptian Theming
  • Dynamic entertainment – including Dancers, Jugglers, Fire
    Eaters, Acrobats, Contortionists & Belly Dancers
  • Indoor Pyrotechnics
  • Confetti and streamer cannons
  • Superb four course dinner – with intimate dining
  • Stunning starlit ceiling – with over 10,000 tiny twinkling
  • Fun casino
  • Fairground stalls
  • Dodgems
  • Experienced event manager in attendance

N.B.There will be a small charge for fairground attractions



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