Corporate Driving Day at Silverstone – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie Corporate Driving Day at Silverstone – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie

Corporate Driving Day at Silverstone

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Nothing beats the excitement and adrenaline rush of motorsport,
except perhaps having the chance to participate yourself. Imagine
being at the wheel of some of the world’s top sports cars, racing
around a top motorsports circuit. With expert tuition, and full
access to cars and Lilley & Gillie have put together a wonderful
driving experience. Silverstone, the famous home of the F1
British Grand Prix offers full driving day programmes as detailed

Silverstone Driving Day
£645 + VAT

All prices are per person

Package options

Silverstone Driving day:

The Grand Prix Challenge has it all: a world famous venue,
awesome experiences, the finest instructors and first class
hospitality. Whether you are entertaining guests, staff, or friends
– Silverstone’s Grand Prix Challenge really is the ultimate
driving day.

Nowhere else can you drive such a variety of performance
vehicles, experience all the thrills both on and off the track and
have it all culminate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive
the world famous Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone.

As you sweep round Copse, blast through the fearsome Becketts
and scream under Bridge, you’ll be following in the tyre tracks of
such legends as Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Senna, Mansell, Hill and

Package contents

Your Silverstone Package Includes:

  • All participants compete in ALL the activities
  • Catering – breakfast, lunch and refreshments
  • A drive in the Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus Exige and Audi RS4
  • High speed passenger drive
  • Caterham Autotest
  • Off roading in a Land Rover 4×4 & Quad bikes
  • A drive in a single seater
  • Race simulator
  • Drive a lap of the Grand Prix Circuit
  • Personal accident and vehicle insurance for every
  • Awards and presentation
  • Overalls for the day
  • Fully exclusive activity briefings and events for
  • Experienced Event Manager in attendance






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