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So, you’re thinking of a company event that would be out of the
ordinary? Why not invite your clients or colleagues for an
afternoon of swordplay!

Fencing teaches you how to cope under pressure, develops
anticipation, timing and concentration – qualities crucial for any
company or business. And yet, it’s great fun, good exercise and the
most memorable experience.

Fencing provides a unique mix of physical, intellectual and
emotional stimulation. Unlike many other sports it’s very sociable
and still carries notions of honour, chivalry and nobility.

There are about 10,000 fencers in Britain, almost half of whom
are women. Fencing, indeed, is the ideal female sport. It’s an
activity which is more tactical than physical. It requires
flexibility and balance rather then brute force, resulting in
elegance, courtesy and quality of the relations between the
fencers. You don’t need to be big or strong to fight – in fact, it
can work against you – but you do need fast reflexes, good
co-ordination, timing, intuition and a great sense of

Facility Options Cost per Person
Half day of fencing From £140 + VAT

Package options

Package contents

Hospitality Package Includes:

  • Brief history of fencing with demonstration of original
  • Fencing footwork including stretching exercises and games
  • Bladework: thrusts and cuts, parries and deceives
  • Rules and courtesy of a fencing bout
  • The Tournament: either individual or team event with a Grand
  • Lunch or Dinner before or after the fencing session
  • Experienced Event Manager



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