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The Lillehammer Tour

Information and prices

Lillehammer Olympic Park welcomes you to one of the most
exhilarating experiences in Europe. A wide variety of activities
for the summer and winter are offered, culminating with the
bobsleigh track as the zenith of adrenalin-pumping activities. The
Bob and Luge track in Lillehammer is the only one of it’s kind in
Northern Europe and it offers a wide range of exciting events for
groups at the arena.

As well as the Bob and Luge Track the Lysgardsbakkene Ski
Jumping Arena is the best ski jumping facility in the world with a
unique range of activities. A mini Olympic ceremony with the
lifting of the 1994 torch, fireworks, music and entertainment is
the perfect close to an Olympic style weekend. 

Lillehammer Olympic Park also has state of the art conference
facilities to gather from 100 to 10,000 delegates. It is the ideal
setting for product launch, conferences, or even an annual company

Please contact our sales team on 020 8567 3530 for a different
package to the Bob and Luge Track.

Facility options Cost per person
Overnight Bobsleigh package £1230

N.B. This package is based on 12 guests attending. If alternative
numbers are required, please call the sales team on 020 8567 3530.

Package options

The guests are met at the airport and then are transferred by
coach to Lillehammer. When guests arrive at the venue the company
name will be on the large information board. The activities
will last for about six hours including lunch.

The day commences with a briefing about the history of
the Olympic Bob and safety. Your first activity is
Bobrafting (similar to Bobsleighs but holds 5 people and is
slightly slower) down the Olympic track at 80
km/h (3 G`s!). Next you go down the track on the Bob
Skeleton, one by one, headfirst in 90 km/h with your nose 2,5 cm
above the ice on a specially designed individual
luge.   This is followed by the original four men
bob. You experience 120 km/h and up to 5 G`s in the curves. 
This is more than in a Formula One car. At the end of the Bob
activites everyone will be presented with their own special
diploma, pin and become members of the exclusive 5 G Club! Hot
toddys are then served in the hunters log hut around a campfire.
Before you go on with the snow scooter safari a two course hot
lunch will be served in the special Norwegian lavvo.

After lunch, the guide takes the participants on a two hour long
snow scooter safari in the forest. There are two people together on
each scooter switching driver at half time. After this, the group
will go to Kanthaugen Freestylearena for tobogganing. Here the
participants Toboggan down the Olympic Freestylearena in
Kanthaugen. You have 30 minutes to get to know the equipment and
the slopes before the Toboggan downhill competition from the top of
the slope, (1,5 km). The toboggan’s can reach up to 60 km/h
down the slope!

After tobogganing the guests take the chairlift up to
the top of the arena and Telemarkstunet Restaurant where a top
class dinner will be served in special surroundings.

Package contents

Package includes:

  • All bus transfers
  • The Bobraft run
  • The Skeleton Bob
  • The 4 men Bob
  • Diplomas and pins
  • 2 course lunch served in the Norwegian Lavva
  • Snow scooter safari in the forest
  • The Toboggan
  • 4 course dinner in the Telemarkstunet Restaurant
  • Accommodation in the First Hotel Breiseth
  • Breakfast
  • Ski lift passes
  • Hosts and Event Managers in attendance throughout the



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