The Tote Ebor Festival at York – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie The Tote Ebor Festival at York – Cavendish Hospitality

Lilley & Gillie

The Tote Ebor Festival at York

Tuesday 22 August 2006 – Thursday 24 August 2006

Information and prices

The Tote Ebor Festival – one of the most prestigious meetings in the European racing calendar, is all set to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (22, 23 & 24 August 2006). With almost £2 million in prize money on offer, and several of the 21 races receiving a boost in value, racegoers will see the best thoroughbreds competing for some of the most sought-after trophies in racing.


Date The Ebor Restaurant The Voltigeur Restaurant The Hospitality Restaurant
22nd Aug 2006 £330 + VAT £265 + VAT £265 + VAT
23rd Aug  2006 £360 + VAT £290 + VAT £300 + VAT
24th Aug 2006 £345 + VAT £285 + VAT £295 + VAT

Package options

The Ebor Restaurant

Gourmet dining and fine wines in a spectacular setting. The whole of the fourth floor of the Ebor Stand is devoted to this luxurious dining experience. Spectacular floor to ceiling windows, grandstand balcony, as well as a terrace with views of the Parade Ring will make guests feel part of the excitement. A buffet and carvery of gourmet standard will serve lunch and tea.
It will build on the popular format used in the Voltigeur Restaurant by adding a champagne reception, fine wines, complimentary bar and special dishes into the all inclusive price.
The opportunity to mingle with fellow guests and enjoy a meal at your own pace is provided by the buffet/carvery format.

The Voltigeur Restaurant

Third Floor of Knavesmire Stand. One of the finest “Dine & View” experiences in racing. Designed to combine the luxury of a restaurant with the spectacle of racing, this facility delivers a unique ‘Dine & View’ hospitality package for smaller parties or individuals. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch and afternoon tea from the Voltigeur gourmet buffet & carvery in comfort and style with your grandstand viewing seat just a few feet away.

The Hospitality Club

An exclusive facility within the Tented Village. This high quality facility offers easy access to the anticipation of the Parade Ring, excitement of the Winning Post and celebrations of the Winner’s Enclosure. It provides a day of luxury at an all inclusive price – there is no need to worry about a bar bill or other incidentals, it’s all included! The flexible nature of the Hospitality Club means that parties of all sizes are welcome, from the individual enthusiast upwards, you can share the club atmosphere without needing to share a table.


Package contents

Your Hospitality Packages will include:

  • Admission (full access to County Stand)
  • One car park label per two guests
  • Champagne reception on arrival (Ebor Restaurant and Hospitality Club ONLY)
  • Morning coffee and biscuits on arrival
  • Full gourmet buffet lunch / carvery
  • Full afternoon tea
  • Full complimentary bar (Ebor Restaurant and Hospitality Club ONLY)
  • Reserved Grandstand viewing and finishing post view (Ebor and Voltigeur Restaurants ONLY)
  • York raceday television
  • Racecards
  • Tote betting facility with at-table couriers

Please Note: The Voltigeur Restaurant package does NOT include a complimentary bar, therefore a £25 drinks allowance will be issued per guest



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