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Lilley & Gillie

Wigan Athletic

Tuesday 22 August 2006 – Saturday 05 May 2007

Wigan Athletic

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During the 2005/06 season, Wigan Athletic managed to complete
double league wins over Sunderland, Manchester City and Aston
Villa. Notably, Wigan Athletic took the most league points away
from home, and have the most victories from away games outside the
top three clubs. Wigan failed in their bid for European football
and opted not to take part in the Intertoto Cup, yet retained a top
ten finish in the Premiership.

Wigan are now competing in their second year in the Premiership,
and as of September 04 2006, are currently 11th after 2 games
played and amounting 3 points.

Facility   Category A/A+ Category B Category C
The Export Lounge £135 + VAT £130 + VAT £125 + VAT

All prices are per person and exclude VAT



Date Match Category 
26th August 2006 Wigan v Reading Cat C
23rd September 2006 Wigan v Watford Cat C
14th October 2006 Wigan v Man United Cat C
21st October 2006 Wigan v Man City Cat A+
11th November 2006 Wigan v Charlton Cat A
19th November 2006 Wigan v Aston Villa Cat C
2nd Decmber 2006 Wigan v Liverpool Cat A+
13th December 2006 Wigan v Arsenal Cat A+
16th December 2006 Wigan v Sheffield Cat B
23rd December 2006 Wigan v Chelsea Cat A+
1st January 2007 Wigan v Blackburn Cat B
20th January 2007 Wigan v Everton Cat A
3rd February 2007 Wigan v Portsmouth Cat C
24th February 2007 Wigan v Newcastle Cat A
17th March 2007 Wigan v Fulham Cat C
7th April 2007 Wigan v Bolton Cat A
14th April 2007 Wigan v Tottenham Cat B
28th April 2007 Wigan v West Ham Cat B
5th May 2007 Wigan v Middlesbrough Cat C

Package options

The Export Lounge

Situated on the 2nd Floor of the West Stand enjoy full
hospitality with celebrity guest speakers in attendence.

Package contents

Your Export Lounge hospitality includes:

  • MC – Former Referee Kevin Lynch
  • West Stand Seating
  • Excellent three course meal including wine
  • Complimentary match programme
  • Matchday competitions
  • Half time coffee/tea and biscuits
  • Full time presentations
  • Tote betting services
  • Acount bar facility and waiter service
  • Hostess service throughout
  • Photographer in attendance
  • In-house TV match coverage on the big screen



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