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Afrika Afrika

Thursday 17 January 2008 – Saturday 19 April 2008

Introduction and prices

Afrika! Afrika! is the magical circus adventure with more than
100 dancers, singers, acrobats and musicians from across Africa who
fascinate and delight the audience with their tempo, energy and
overflowing joy for life. A unique Africa is presented: a continent
of immeasurable cultural riches and one full of creativity. This
Africa is a magnificent tent, spectacular acrobatics and costumes
full of fantasy costumes that remind you of mythical creatures and
gods from different worlds. The director André Heller wants to take
the spectator to another world which is achieved through the masks,
costumes, music, dance and artistry of it all.

The hospitality packages available allow hosts to entertain
guests in a special reserved area with individual catering from
snacks to three-course meals. Experience and enjoy Africa with all
your senses and discover the culinary delights of the

Package options Cost per person
Dakarai £175 + VAT
Kajumba £199 + VAT
Zawadi £225 + VAT
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