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Arsenal Premiership Football

Introduction and prices

The start of the 2006-07 season not only promises some more
fantastic play from one of the most successful premiership teams
but is also a new era for Arsenal as they say goodbye
to Highbury, the Club’s home since 1913, to embark on
new challenges at The Emirates Stadium in nearby Ashburton
Grove, Holloway.

Facility Grade A* Grade A Grade B Grade C
Executive Box (12 guests) £12,000 £9,000 £6,600 £4,800
Executive Box (10 guests) £10,000 £7,500 £5,500 £4,000
Legends Package (4 guests) £4,000 £3,000 £2,500 £2,000
The Board Room (15 guests) £6,000 £5,250 £4,500 £3,750

All prices are per person and exclude VAT

Date Match Grade
19th August 2006 Arsenal v Aston Villa   A
9th September 2006 Arsenal v Middlesbrough B
23rd September 2006 Arsenal v Sheffield C
14th October 2006 Arsenal v Watford B
28th October 2006 Arsenal v Everton B
12th November 2006 Arsenal v Liverpool A
18th Novemeber 2006 Arsenal v Newcastle B
2nd December 2006 Arsenal v Tottenham A
16th December 2006 Arsenal v Portsmouth C
23rd December 2006 Arsenal v Blackburn C
1st January 2007 Arsenal v Charlton B
20th January 2007 Arsenal v Man United A*
30th January 2007 Arsenal v Man City B
10th February 2007 Arsenal v Wigan C
3rd March 2007 Arsenal v Reading B
7th April 2007 Arsenal v West Ham A
14th April 2007 Arsenal v Bolton B
28th April 2007 Arsenal v Fulham B
5th May 2007 Arsenal v Chelsea A*
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