Lilley & Gillie Mark Knopfler at The Royal Albert Hall 2008 – Cavendish Hospitality

Mark Knopfler at The Royal Albert Hall 2008 – Cavendish Hospitality

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Mark Knopfler at The Royal Albert Hall 2008

Tuesday 27 May 2008 – Friday 30 May 2008

Introduction and prices

We are delighted to announce that Mark Knopfler is returning to
the Royal Albert Hall for a series of concerts. Mark Knopfler?s
?Kill to Get Crimson? is the latest entry to a bespoke catalogue of
albums in a distinguished recording career of 30 years. Like a
vividly-drawn novel, the latest crafted collection contains roles
for painters, penny balladeers, schoolboy waltzers and heroic
losers. They?re brought to life by a vast sum total of Knopfler?s
musical wayfaring, from folk to rock ?n? roll, from the twang of
his first guitar heroes to the acoustic British influences that
play an increasingly prominent part in his work.

Knopfler is enthusiastic to take ?Kill to Get Crimson? on the
road. He will fill the set with music from all periods of his
career, including material from the days of Dire Straits. ?I don?t
play anything I don?t want to play, so if I get up there and play
?Romeo & Juliet? or ?Brothers In Arms? it?s because I want to.
It?s important to me that it?s important to people, that you?ve
created milestones in people?s lives.?

Facility options Date Cost per person
Grand Tier (12 people – located on 1st floor) 27th – 30th May £230 + VAT
Loggia Box (8 people – located on ground floor) 27th – 30th May £230 + VAT
Second Tier Box (4 people – located on 2nd floor) 27th – 30th May £220 + VAT
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