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Musical Extravaganza with the Orient Express

Introduction and prices

In an ever changing world, the Orient Express offers the chance
to enjoy the timeless delights of a byegone age. Its beautiful
carriages provide a wonderful setting for any corporate

The Northern Belle carriages of the Orient-Express provide the
ultimate in stylish and enjoyable day excursions and short breaks
from major stations throughout the UK. Lavishly furnished with
specially commissioned fabrics, intricate marquetry and glistening
brass, every exquisite detail sets the scene for your dalliance
with the romance of travel.

The British Pullman carriages of the famous Orient-Express offer a
wide choice of day excursions and short breaks in Britain. Aboard
the meticulously restored amber and cream 1920s and 30s carriages,
passengers enjoy fine foods, wine and champagne as Britain’s
countryside unfolds at the window. Enjoy Britain at its best with a
British Pullman classic journey.


Please contact the sales team on 020 8567 3530 to discuss your
requirements and to get prices.

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Enjoy the glamour and timeless quality

Orient Express

A musical extravaganza

Orient Express

A musical extravaganza

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