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Weekend in London with Tutankhamun

Thursday 15 November 2007 – Sunday 31 August 2008

Introduction and prices

Since the discovery of his tomb in 1922, Tutankhamun has
captured the hearts of people around the world. Buried with him
were treasures beyond the imagination, a tomb holding the most
magnificent treasures of the Golden Age of the Pharaohs and giving
us a glittering glimpse into the past.
It has been almost 30 years since the golden artifacts of the
boy-king last left their home in Egypt.  In the 1970’s, 
the unprecedented King Tut exhibit fascinated millions of visitors
with the marvelous treasures of King Tut’s tomb, setting attendance
records worldwide.   Now Tutankhamun’s treasures are
back, giving a new generation the chance to learn firsthand about
the life and magic of this ancient monarch.

London has many activities whether cultural, historical or
thrilling to offer. The Thames is a fantastic setting for your
activities with the London Eye, Vinopolis, the Tower of London and
of course The O2 exhibiting Tutankhamun. Make the most of your
Pharaoh’s experience by staying overnight and combining the ancient
world of Egypt with the traditional and modern world of London
along the Thames.

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