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Lilley & Gillie Links and wedding resources
Art/design related:
Alex Binnie – tattoist and printmaker – not for the sqeamish
Art Bitch – DON’T HESITATE – PARTICIPATE ! Pseudonyms welcome! (also fabourable comments about moi in this article)
Art Drauglis – check out my bro! he’s making fabulous furniture!
Astley Baker: animation – anyone who calls his company Loose Moose has got to be a Sexotn Ming fan.
head vs. heart: a critique of the stuckist manifesto by max podstolski: worth reading: “… If you [identify with the spirit of the movement], then you’re not likely to give a damn that the manifesto doesn’t hold water when scrutinized from an objective point of view.”
Blunt Graffix – poster artist extrodinaire – also seems to do something with motorbikes.
Cinderblock Gallery – plus the Beatle car with fins. The place to be if you find yourself in Louisville KY.
Rob Greene – Jersey Stuckist and masked marvel!
Tony Juliano – if you like cows, cartoons, humour and more humour go here! Great stuff!
Jani Kaunisto – Finnish drawings and cartoons and other strange things from northern climes
Paul Harvey – Mucha meets Madonna – Newcastle’s finest
The Image Surgery – all things digital and hand made: web design, books, leaflets, sound, art and much more.
Mari Naomi – Lotsa fun, including a cat smoking a cigarette in the bath
James Morton – Classic painter in a modern world
Lorna Miller – excellent Scottish cartoonist with Lithuanian history
Terry Marks – New York’s finest – and don’t forget to play dress the artist – recomended by doctors everywhere!
Jesse Todd Dockery – Distinguished Kentucky Gentleman of the Savage Arts
Nicholas Hamper – this one is my favourite
Jeffery Scott Holland – “I heard today Jed’s gone feral….”
Matto Le D’s paintings -are there really Tikis in Moscow?
Cristina Pedraszzini – 
photographer of people, food and nature – lots of great photos and refreshingly little text
Jesse Richards – painter, film-maker, photographer, co-organizer of the Stuckism International Centre-USA and occasional actor.
Vanessa Rossetto– Something strange is going on here with this Austin Stuckist…
Salon des Arts – “come to the edge, he said…”

Shag – Ya love him or hate him-I love him, esp the Tikis
Naked Dave – Bitter and twisted or just good painting? I say the latter…obsession on canvas and I don’t mean a perfume.
Stuckism International Gallery – put together by
Transistor six – Excellent music and graphics
Tim Sellers– tattoo work, flash, paintings, and sculptures- check it out!
The Tiki News – the mysterious realm of the South Seas Tiki Gods
Klaus Wehner – The one and only! Photography like you’ve never seen it, and video installations that are actually good!
Alison Wonderland Photography of an entirely different sort – bands, babes and the famous TV Personalities album cover of Sexton Ming! – aka “mega thrust”!
Stuckism Photography – I am on this site, too!
Yomo-interactive – want a web site? don’t ask me, ask them! (Good paintings, too)

Music: – 30 lovely ladies with great wigs and beauty tips for all.
Anjali – take a trip to my lazy lagoon
Bomp! – Jersey’s most exciting weekly adventures
Alternative– Mr Biarfa now releases records by the Flaming Stars amongst lots of other good stuff.
Chicks on Speed – our paths crossed once. I’m having a tough time remembering so it musta been good.
Tim Easton – constantly touring song master from my hometown
The Henry Road hitch a ride on wagon pop & muse some cubes
Meg Lee Chin – Pigface vocals among her many talents– local art and music of Philadelphia – including my cousin, the legendary Kenn Kweder
Naked Ruby – Grinding Garage, Wild Surf, & Voodoo Vegas Beat
Virtual guitar and chord book – Flash guitar site