Top 3 Corporate Event Ideas

Lilley & Gillie Top 3 Corporate Event Ideas


A corporate event is a fantastic way to reward your employees, boast morale and organise a fantastic day for your company.

There are a number of corporate event ideas that are becoming increasingly popular for companies to organise. At Lilley & Gillie, we take a look at three corporate event ideas that you could do for your business and staff in the near future!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are very popular globally when it comes to organising a corporate event. The idea of an escape room is in the title, a team is locked into a room, and have to work together to find clues to escape as quickly as possible.

This type of corporate event is fantastic for team-bonding exercise as it involves the entire team to work together. What are popular escape room themes?

Harbour Cruise

Are you looking to reward your team after a fantastic period of results? A corporate harbour cruiser truly is a fantastic choice.

Sydney harbour cruises can truly make for a memorable experience for your staff. Corporate cruises that offer drinks and food will certainly create a fantastic evening and boast the morale of your staff as you reward them for their results.


By organising a go-karting day, you’ll be sure to have an adrenaline-packed, energetic and fun day on the tracks, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

This one is certainly the faster experience out of our picks here, but it’ll certainly encourage your employees to push themselves into achieving the best possible results and lap times.