4 of the best tips to looking your best during the big event

Lilley & Gillie 4 of the best tips to looking your best during the big event

Need to impress somebody at an event that you’re attending? Well, 4 beauty treatments to do before a wedding, special event or business meeting.

Once reading this guide, we suggest you book those appointments ASAP to get them before the day. Some treatments also need some time in-between to ensure they have worked their best.  Click here for event promotion ideas.

Laser treatment – 3-6 months beforehand

Six months before the day is a good time to get in touch with a consultant to discuss your skins needs and wants. Once you know what type of procedure will work for you, you can start the process of choosing the right plan. Check out the latest trends.

Laser treatments work for a wide range of skin types, including those with acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. A treatment as such should improve the appearance of imperfections on your face. Please note, all treatments should be done by a qualified technician. See more information.

Permanent makeup – 3 months before

Permanent makeup is great for so many different reasons, including the fact that it can save you a lot of time in the morning. In addition, permanent makeup can improve the appearance of your features, especially if your eyebrows are sparse, thin and lightly coloured. View previous experiences.

Having this treatment 2 months prior will allow the swelling and redness to go down and your touch-up appointment may also be scheduled.

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