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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Celebrities Swear By

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How celebs have transformed their smiles

When you think of any celeb, you might picture the perfect hair, the fantastic smile or even a smile that dazzles. It always seems they look their very best!

It’s common to see stars with drastic changes to their grin thanks to cosmetic dentistry. So, you might think this treatment is only available to the rich and famous. You’re mistaken.

56% of Brits find they are ashamed to reveal their smile

Celeb stars aren’t the only ones who deserve that Hollywood smile. Here are a few treatments that these stars swear by when keeping their appearance to the highest standard:

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UK Tooth Implant

Not all UKn celebs started with amazing teeth! Morgan Freeman, 50 Cent and Mike Tyson are amongst those who currently have dental implants. They used to replace missing or damaged teeth. They produce a natural and amazing benefits in the long-term. More on implants in London.


Small aesthetic issues can be corrected with veneers. They are a less invasive way to giving you the smile you have dreamed of. Veneers can look exactly like your natural teeth, however, this method will set you back quite a lot! Celebs such as Tom Cruise have used veneers.

Teeth Whitening

The perfect apporach to naturally white teeth. If there's one things celebs have in common, it's glistening white teeth! You can leave unwanted stains and discolouration in the past thanks to professional and at-home whitening kits. The likes of Lindsey Lohan have used teeth whitening.


Crooked and overcrowded teeth can be fixed easily with Invisalign. A set of clear aligners that are custom-made to your mouth, gradually and gently align your teeth without obstructing your smile. Global supertar Justin Bieber have used Invisalign too!

These smiles aren't just for celebrities

Using cosmetic dentistry is an amazing way in improving those small imperfections. After all, your smile is one of the main things people will notice during an interaction.

Additionally, it provides a range of health benefits too, including improved oral health and enhanced alignment just a few to name.

Ultimately, whatever the look you want to achieve, one thing is for certain, celebs have a lot of influence and it has shown that people will continue to visit their local dentist in hopes to copy their idol.