Lilley & Gillie write for us 17 Ideas to Help you Tackle that Blank Page

17 Ideas to Help you Tackle that Blank Page


Every copywriter has days where nothing seems to flow. I would say I get at least one each month…staring at a blank page, clicking the mouse button, biting my nails, breathing a deep sigh and going off to put the kettle on.

Over the years, I’ve found various ways to tackle the problem. To help business writers be more productive, here are 17.

  1. Search Pintrest or Flickr – an interesting image may spark your imagination.
  2. Check out what your competitors are writing about.
  3. Go to a relevant discussion forum and see what people are talking about.
  4. Do a search on Google News for the latest stories.
  5. Go outside, a 5-minute walk will help clear your head.
  6. Don’t overload on caffeine – it makes writer’s block worse.
  7. Call a family member; there’s no shame in asking Mum.
  8. Browse questions on
  9. Don’t think – write. Don’t try to edit; just keep going and see what happens.
  10. Exit Outlook, emails are too much of a distraction.
  11. Search quotes at – just don’t get tempted to do the daily crossword.
  12. Call or see a colleague in another department for ideas.
  13. Read a few old blog posts for inspiration.
  14. Ask yourself what your audience wants to read about.
  15. Use Google’s keyword tool to see what topics people are searching for.
  16. Write some kind of list – checklist, tips, blogs, resources, people.
  17. Send me an IM – I’ll be happy to help.

If all else fails – Can you do it tomorrow? Procrastinating may be negative, but in business, the last thing you want to do is waste your valuable time.

Sometimes, it’s better to just admit defeat – copywriting is something that’s hard to force. If you really struggling – enquire about Lilley & Gillies’s content writing services.