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Anton Mosimann’s Cooking Academy

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Anton Mosimann opened the Mosimann Academy in 1996 as a centre
of learning and excellence in which to share his ideas and
philosophy about food. In this unique and modern environment, you
will discover a whole new world of creativity with food and

Equipped with state-of-the-art demonstration and audiovisual
facilities, the Academy offers a wide range of courses, personally
designed for the respective requirements for each client. These
courses inspire new ideas, motivate, and give you an insight into
both the theoretical and practical aspects of food and wine. The
Academy provides an environment in which to receive expertise and
inspiration from leading chefs from around the world.

Facility options Cost per person
Full day cooking academy £270 + VAT

Package options

On arrival participants are welcomed with Champagne and
nibbles.  They then divide into teams to prepare a three
course meal – either competing teams all preparing the same meal,
or co-operating teams each making one part of the meal.  
Cookery School staff are on hand to assist and make sure that a
delicious meal is produced.  Once cooking is complete, the
teams sit down together to enjoy their meal around the Cookery
School dining room tables.
The event normally takes about 5 hours: half an hour for welcome
drinks and introduction/overview; 2.5 hours or so cooking the meal;
and another 2 hours eating & drinking.  Usually meals go
on longer as participants are enjoying themselves!
During the event wines are introduced that have been chosen to
accompany the menu and when everyone sits down to eat, experts then
explain the choices and show how they harmonise with the

Package contents

Your Hospitality Package will include:

  • Full day course
  • All equipment and ingredients
  • Champagne and coffee on arrival
  • Wine throughout the day
  • A 3-course lunch
  • An expert chef on hand throughout the day to demonstrate and
  • Recipe cards to take home
  • Experienced event manager



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