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Wedding planning

You want every detail to be perfect for your wedding but it can be overwhelming and stressful if you are unsure of where or how to start planning it. 

A wedding in the countryside, for instance, has to be planned differently from a wedding in London.

Because just about everything will have adjustments: there may be less paved roads to transport guests on, catering might require ingredients unavailable in the area or the weather could be warmer or cooler.

That is why planning a wedding requires much assistance as you can get.

From creative themes to marvellous style ideas, you will need to make decisions on which caterer can accommodate your preferred menu for the number of guests that you have and what colour and style of bridal gown you will wear from amongst several wedding dresses to choose from, and the like.

You will have to go over flowers, cake, photography, stationery, music, décor, reception favours, and many more details.

Video production

When producing a wedding video, just like any other kind of production, you need to plan how you want your video to look, the content you want to include. If you are struggling to come up with a plan, or even a goal for your video, start by thinking about the style, or features you want to include.

Write a script.

All good video producers produce their videos following a script and a clear process.  Read More. The script should always include specific details, like locations, people to include such as bridesmaids, etc. In order to help make things easier when it comes to actually produce the video.

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